September 2015


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Tue 1st<br/>big old cumuli
Tue 1st
big old cumuli
Wed 2nd<br/>whole lotta sky
Wed 2nd
whole lotta sky
Thu 3rd<br/>five (or six) rainbows
Thu 3rd
five (or six) rainbows
Fri 4th<br/>up at the dew pond
Fri 4th
up at the dew pond
Sat 5th<br/>streetlight
Sat 5th
Sun 6th<br/>class of 72
Sun 6th
class of 72
Mon 7th<br/>lewes levels
Mon 7th
lewes levels
Tue 8th<br/>doing the circuit
Tue 8th
doing the circuit
Wed 9th<br/>chalkpit
Wed 9th
Thu 10th<br/>heritage trail
Thu 10th
heritage trail
Fri 11th<br/>leaf yard
Fri 11th
leaf yard
Sat 12th<br/>driving back from dean wood
Sat 12th
driving back from dean wood
Sun 13th<br/>big pinky over lewes
Sun 13th
big pinky over lewes
Mon 14th<br/>overlooking the pond
Mon 14th
overlooking the pond
Tue 15th<br/>the
Tue 15th
the've all gone home...
Wed 16th<br/>mark palmer
Wed 16th
mark palmer
Thu 17th<br/>I have made a new easel
Thu 17th
I have made a new easel
Fri 18th<br/>composition
Fri 18th
Sat 19th<br/>brown sky at night
Sat 19th
brown sky at night
Sun 20th<br/>top of the high street
Sun 20th
top of the high street
Mon 21st<br/>the queen
Mon 21st
the queen's walk
Tue 22nd<br/>a new font for quotidian
Tue 22nd
a new font for quotidian
Tue 22nd<br/>approaching october
Tue 22nd
approaching october
Wed 23rd<br/>finishing touches
Wed 23rd
finishing touches
Thu 24th<br/>four and a half miles
Thu 24th
four and a half miles
Fri 25th<br/>pine and brick
Fri 25th
pine and brick
Sat 26th<br/>contra-jour down the cliffe
Sat 26th
contra-jour down the cliffe
Sun 27th<br/>bishop
Sun 27th
bishop's palace garden
Mon 28th<br/>horniman museum
Mon 28th
horniman museum
Tue 29th<br/>approaching october
Tue 29th
approaching october
Wed 30th<br/>gator at the drop
Wed 30th
gator at the drop