May 2010


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Sat 1st<br/>dark corners
Sat 1st
dark corners
Sun 2nd<br/>some conservatory
Sun 2nd
some conservatory
Mon 3rd<br/>military canal
Mon 3rd
military canal
Tue 4th<br/>fairlight cove
Tue 4th
fairlight cove
Wed 5th<br/>three trees
Wed 5th
three trees
Thu 6th<br/>election night
Thu 6th
election night
Fri 7th<br/>motel
Fri 7th
Sat 8th<br/>grey day in london
Sat 8th
grey day in london
Sun 9th<br/>elephants in green park
Sun 9th
elephants in green park
Mon 10th<br/>where I work
Mon 10th
where I work
Tue 11th<br/>E
Tue 11th
Wed 12th<br/>on the way to work
Wed 12th
on the way to work
Thu 13th<br/>bright mornings
Thu 13th
bright mornings
Sat 15th<br/>birthdays
Sat 15th
Tue 18th<br/>wayside inn
Tue 18th
wayside inn
Wed 19th<br/>wall of pictures
Wed 19th
wall of pictures
Thu 20th<br/>joann clarke
Thu 20th
joann clarke's flowers
Fri 21st<br/>brompton oratory
Fri 21st
brompton oratory
Sat 22nd<br/>open gardens
Sat 22nd
open gardens
Sun 23rd<br/>perfect day
Sun 23rd
perfect day
Mon 24th<br/>edwardian-jacobean
Mon 24th
Tue 25th<br/>self timer
Tue 25th
self timer
Wed 26th<br/>a place to have lunch
Wed 26th
a place to have lunch
Thu 27th<br/>bit like a john martin painting
Thu 27th
bit like a john martin painting
Fri 28th<br/>four day dale
Fri 28th
four day dale
Sat 29th<br/>crossing
Sat 29th
Sun 30th<br/>natalie merchant
Sun 30th
natalie merchant
Mon 31st<br/>ogden
Mon 31st
ogden's reach