November 2010


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Mon 1st<br/>trick or treat
Mon 1st
trick or treat
Tue 2nd<br/>rough seas
Tue 2nd
rough seas
Wed 3rd<br/>out of order
Wed 3rd
out of order
Thu 4th<br/>066
Thu 4th
Fri 5th<br/>borough bonfire
Fri 5th
borough bonfire
Sat 6th<br/>minimal
Sat 6th
Sun 7th<br/>self portrait x 3
Sun 7th
self portrait x 3
Mon 8th<br/>biblical rain
Mon 8th
biblical rain
Wed 10th<br/>big strong shadows
Wed 10th
big strong shadows
Thu 11th<br/>armistice day
Thu 11th
armistice day
Fri 12th<br/>alum bay
Fri 12th
alum bay
Sat 13th<br/>bits dropped off
Sat 13th
bits dropped off
Sun 14th<br/>appuldurcombe house
Sun 14th
appuldurcombe house
Mon 15th<br/>monday morning mist
Mon 15th
monday morning mist
Tue 16th<br/>high tide at 14:20
Tue 16th
high tide at 14:20
Wed 17th<br/>needles
Wed 17th
Thu 18th<br/>what... here?
Thu 18th
what... here?
Fri 19th<br/>bankside pier
Fri 19th
bankside pier
Sat 20th<br/>cuckmere haven
Sat 20th
cuckmere haven
Sun 21st<br/>ai weiwei
Sun 21st
ai weiwei
Mon 22nd<br/>farewell to the pewter pot
Mon 22nd
farewell to the pewter pot
Tue 23rd<br/>seat of government
Tue 23rd
seat of government
Wed 24th<br/>the fall
Wed 24th
the fall
Thu 25th<br/>last train from bexhill
Thu 25th
last train from bexhill
Fri 26th<br/>splendour falls
Fri 26th
splendour falls
Sat 27th<br/>trails
Sat 27th
Sun 28th<br/>across the valley
Sun 28th
across the valley
Mon 29th<br/>bridge at micks
Mon 29th
bridge at micks
Tue 30th<br/>I am not impressed
Tue 30th
I am not impressed