November 2016


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Tue 1st<br/>push push
Tue 1st
push push
Wed 2nd<br/>lewes station approach
Wed 2nd
lewes station approach
Thu 3rd<br/>mark palmer
Thu 3rd
mark palmer
Fri 4th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 4th
life drawing friday
Sat 5th<br/>borough bonfire
Sat 5th
borough bonfire
Sun 6th<br/>some good displays this year
Sun 6th
some good displays this year
Mon 7th<br/>after breakfast
Mon 7th
after breakfast
Tue 8th<br/>old friends
Tue 8th
old friends
Wed 9th<br/>nightmares
Wed 9th
Thu 10th<br/>life goes on
Thu 10th
life goes on
Fri 11th<br/>love of life
Fri 11th
love of life
Sat 12th<br/>war memorial
Sat 12th
war memorial
Sun 13th<br/>canal house hotel interior
Sun 13th
canal house hotel interior
Mon 14th<br/>canal house hotel
Mon 14th
canal house hotel
Tue 15th<br/>city of bikes
Tue 15th
city of bikes
Wed 16th<br/>rijksmuseum and stickers
Wed 16th
rijksmuseum and stickers
Thu 17th<br/>westerkerk
Thu 17th
Fri 18th<br/>mirror play
Fri 18th
mirror play
Sat 19th<br/>intricate agonies
Sat 19th
intricate agonies
Sun 20th<br/>068
Sun 20th
Mon 21st<br/>flanders field
Mon 21st
flanders field
Tue 22nd<br/>if in doubt do a selfie
Tue 22nd
if in doubt do a selfie
Wed 23rd<br/>twenty four hours after the op
Wed 23rd
twenty four hours after the op
Thu 24th<br/>at the bus station
Thu 24th
at the bus station
Sat 26th<br/>number nine number nine...
Sat 26th
number nine number nine...
Mon 28th<br/>lewes view
Mon 28th
lewes view
Tue 29th<br/>on the mend...
Tue 29th
on the mend...
Wed 30th<br/>dawn vapour trails
Wed 30th
dawn vapour trails