October 2007


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Mon 1st<br/>under the pier
Mon 1st
under the pier
Tue 2nd<br/>midnight promenade
Tue 2nd
midnight promenade
Wed 3rd<br/>autumnal twittens
Wed 3rd
autumnal twittens
Thu 4th<br/>fitzroy house
Thu 4th
fitzroy house
Fri 5th<br/>subway
Fri 5th
Sat 6th<br/>wall textures
Sat 6th
wall textures
Sun 7th<br/>raindrops on a cedar
Sun 7th
raindrops on a cedar
Mon 8th<br/>ron
Mon 8th
ron's convenience store
Tue 9th<br/>roof moss garden
Tue 9th
roof moss garden
Wed 10th<br/>token tree planting
Wed 10th
token tree planting
Thu 11th<br/>glyndebourne
Thu 11th
Fri 12th<br/>erachnoid
Fri 12th
Sat 13th<br/>bob
Sat 13th
bob's 60th
Sun 14th<br/>mia madre
Sun 14th
mia madre
Mon 15th<br/>st. michaels
Mon 15th
st. michaels
Tue 16th<br/>tom paine
Tue 16th
tom paine's house
Wed 17th<br/>ickworth
Wed 17th
Thu 18th<br/>norwich cathedral
Thu 18th
norwich cathedral
Fri 19th<br/>cow tower
Fri 19th
cow tower
Sat 20th<br/>blickling
Sat 20th
Sun 21st<br/>english parkland
Sun 21st
english parkland
Mon 22nd<br/>dawn
Mon 22nd
Tue 23rd<br/>lunch in the lamb
Tue 23rd
lunch in the lamb
Wed 24th<br/>in the west
Wed 24th
in the west
Thu 25th<br/>another one
Thu 25th
another one
Fri 26th<br/>rainy day playtime
Fri 26th
rainy day playtime
Sat 27th<br/>spring forward... fall back
Sat 27th
spring forward... fall back
Sun 28th<br/>moon cloud plane
Sun 28th
moon cloud plane
Mon 29th<br/>esplanade
Mon 29th
Tue 30th<br/>morning bike ride
Tue 30th
morning bike ride
Wed 31st<br/>all hallows eve
Wed 31st
all hallows eve