October 2023


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Sun 1st<br/>torn down flag
Sun 1st
torn down flag
Mon 2nd<br/>oh dear
Mon 2nd
oh dear
Tue 3rd<br/>unseasonably warm …
Tue 3rd
unseasonably warm …
Wed 4th<br/>beethoven
Wed 4th
beethoven's 5th
Thu 5th<br/>3 today
Thu 5th
3 today
Fri 6th<br/>male model
Fri 6th
male model
Fri 6th<br/>lost peppa
Fri 6th
lost peppa
Sat 7th<br/>coming back from supper
Sat 7th
coming back from supper
Sun 8th<br/>a & e again
Sun 8th
a & e again
Mon 9th<br/>superglue lens effect
Mon 9th
superglue lens effect
Thu 12th<br/>about now, four years ago
Thu 12th
about now, four years ago
Fri 13th<br/>reclining pose
Fri 13th
reclining pose
Sun 15th<br/>dapple effect
Sun 15th
dapple effect
Sun 22nd<br/>ice cream making
Sun 22nd
ice cream making
Wed 25th<br/>welcome home balloons
Wed 25th
welcome home balloons
Fri 27th<br/>male model
Fri 27th
male model
Sat 28th<br/>waking up to a dark day
Sat 28th
waking up to a dark day
Sun 29th<br/>how many is that?
Sun 29th
how many is that?
Mon 30th<br/>borough bonfire pile
Mon 30th
borough bonfire pile
Tue 31st<br/>more rain (and a storm) to come
Tue 31st
more rain (and a storm) to come