November 2019


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Fri 1st<br/>when I
Fri 1st
when I'm cleaning windows
Sat 2nd<br/>queer portraits
Sat 2nd
queer portraits
Sun 3rd<br/>olafur eliasson
Sun 3rd
olafur eliasson
Tue 5th<br/>crosstown traffic
Tue 5th
crosstown traffic
Wed 6th<br/>rolling clouds
Wed 6th
rolling clouds
Thu 7th<br/>down towards the marina
Thu 7th
down towards the marina
Fri 8th<br/>crisp morning skies
Fri 8th
crisp morning skies
Sat 9th<br/>friday life drawing
Sat 9th
friday life drawing
Sun 10th<br/>dead in the water
Sun 10th
dead in the water
Mon 11th<br/>simple pleasures
Mon 11th
simple pleasures
Tue 12th<br/>another one from the other day
Tue 12th
another one from the other day
Wed 13th<br/>99 today
Wed 13th
99 today
Thu 14th<br/>station one
Thu 14th
station one
Fri 15th<br/>station two
Fri 15th
station two
Sat 16th<br/>market cross
Sat 16th
market cross
Sun 17th<br/>station three
Sun 17th
station three
Mon 18th<br/>brewing
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>station four
Tue 19th
station four
Wed 20th<br/>torn again
Wed 20th
torn again
Thu 21st<br/>life drawing
Thu 21st
life drawing
Fri 22nd<br/>39 steps
Fri 22nd
39 steps
Sat 23rd<br/>wifey on the sofa
Sat 23rd
wifey on the sofa
Sun 24th<br/>suction effect
Sun 24th
suction effect
Mon 25th<br/>blue man
Mon 25th
blue man
Tue 26th<br/>pre-christmas crowds
Tue 26th
pre-christmas crowds
Thu 28th<br/>passing on the bridge
Thu 28th
passing on the bridge
Fri 29th<br/>three sketchbook studies
Fri 29th
three sketchbook studies
Sat 30th<br/>rail
Sat 30th