May 2021


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Sat 1st<br/>sky doing its thing again
Sat 1st
sky doing its thing again
Sun 2nd<br/>second dose
Sun 2nd
second dose
Mon 3rd<br/>flu like symptoms...
Mon 3rd
flu like symptoms...
Tue 4th<br/>rainbow memory
Tue 4th
rainbow memory
Wed 5th<br/>cloud study
Wed 5th
cloud study
Thu 6th<br/>large nude
Thu 6th
large nude
Fri 7th<br/>being grandparents
Fri 7th
being grandparents
Sat 8th<br/>sadly in need of some attention
Sat 8th
sadly in need of some attention
Sun 9th<br/>four girls not five boys
Sun 9th
four girls not five boys
Mon 10th<br/>lewes looking its best
Mon 10th
lewes looking its best
Tue 11th<br/>al fresco bridge
Tue 11th
al fresco bridge
Wed 12th<br/>market tower
Wed 12th
market tower
Thu 13th<br/>sky viz
Thu 13th
sky viz
Fri 14th<br/>very green and wet
Fri 14th
very green and wet
Sat 15th<br/>happy birthday phoebe
Sat 15th
happy birthday phoebe
Sun 16th<br/>east street foreshortened
Sun 16th
east street foreshortened
Mon 17th<br/>quiet corner
Mon 17th
quiet corner
Tue 18th<br/>chalky paths on kingston ridge
Tue 18th
chalky paths on kingston ridge
Wed 19th<br/>rainbow curve
Wed 19th
rainbow curve
Thu 20th<br/>new growth trees
Thu 20th
new growth trees
Fri 21st<br/>life drawing recommences
Fri 21st
life drawing recommences
Sat 22nd<br/>threatening rain
Sat 22nd
threatening rain
Sun 23rd<br/>another day another rainbow
Sun 23rd
another day another rainbow
Mon 24th<br/>yet another rainbow ...
Mon 24th
yet another rainbow ...
Tue 25th<br/>the grand, duke
Tue 25th
the grand, duke's back, lewis
Wed 26th<br/>near telscombe tye
Wed 26th
near telscombe tye
Thu 27th<br/>two little clouds
Thu 27th
two little clouds
Fri 28th<br/>walkway
Fri 28th
Sat 29th<br/>commando crawl
Sat 29th
commando crawl
Sun 30th<br/>afternoon tea at the beach hut
Sun 30th
afternoon tea at the beach hut
Mon 31st<br/>morning stroll
Mon 31st
morning stroll