April 2014


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Tue 1st<br/>on the level
Tue 1st
on the level
Wed 2nd<br/>ready for action
Wed 2nd
ready for action
Thu 3rd<br/>log store
Thu 3rd
log store
Fri 4th<br/>bodiam castle
Fri 4th
bodiam castle
Sat 5th<br/>sun, wife and hedge
Sat 5th
sun, wife and hedge
Sun 6th<br/>kate and hugh visit
Sun 6th
kate and hugh visit
Mon 7th<br/>canning town
Mon 7th
canning town
Tue 8th<br/>millenium dome
Tue 8th
millenium dome
Wed 9th<br/>red boat in bow creek
Wed 9th
red boat in bow creek
Thu 10th<br/>life drawing
Thu 10th
life drawing
Fri 11th<br/>blue bridge
Fri 11th
blue bridge
Sat 12th<br/>mother and daughter
Sat 12th
mother and daughter
Sun 13th<br/>first train out of sheffield park
Sun 13th
first train out of sheffield park
Mon 14th<br/>number two all over
Mon 14th
number two all over
Tue 15th<br/>017
Tue 15th
Wed 16th<br/>afternoon tea
Wed 16th
afternoon tea
Thu 17th<br/>saatchi
Thu 17th
saatchi's bins
Fri 18th<br/>traditional pause point
Fri 18th
traditional pause point
Sat 19th<br/>building embassy gardens
Sat 19th
building embassy gardens
Sun 20th<br/>containers
Sun 20th
Mon 21st<br/>borough market
Mon 21st
borough market
Tue 22nd<br/>malling steps
Tue 22nd
malling steps
Wed 23rd<br/>two figures two piers
Wed 23rd
two figures two piers
Thu 24th<br/>why complain
Thu 24th
why complain
Fri 25th<br/>007
Fri 25th
Sat 26th<br/>bexhill west station
Sat 26th
bexhill west station
Sun 27th<br/>battle of lewes
Sun 27th
battle of lewes
Mon 28th<br/>view from our bedroom
Mon 28th
view from our bedroom
Tue 29th<br/>street bollards
Tue 29th
street bollards
Wed 30th<br/>terminus
Wed 30th