September 2014


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Mon 1st<br/>building and filling the billys
Mon 1st
building and filling the billys
Tue 2nd<br/>Lewes mystery corners (3)
Tue 2nd
Lewes mystery corners (3)
Wed 3rd<br/>river ouse
Wed 3rd
river ouse
Thu 4th<br/>another breakfast run
Thu 4th
another breakfast run
Fri 5th<br/>rob and joanna
Fri 5th
rob and joanna
Sat 6th<br/>bathing this way
Sat 6th
bathing this way
Sun 7th<br/>the motor road
Sun 7th
the motor road
Mon 8th<br/>atop the DLWP
Mon 8th
atop the DLWP
Tue 9th<br/>halfway up windover hill
Tue 9th
halfway up windover hill
Wed 10th<br/>landport bottom
Wed 10th
landport bottom
Thu 11th<br/>burnt and twisted
Thu 11th
burnt and twisted
Fri 12th<br/>a ewe yesterday
Fri 12th
a ewe yesterday
Sat 13th<br/>wiggo and cav (and michal)
Sat 13th
wiggo and cav (and michal)
Sun 14th<br/>fields near balmer down
Sun 14th
fields near balmer down
Mon 15th<br/>easy street
Mon 15th
easy street
Tue 16th<br/>towards bo-peep
Tue 16th
towards bo-peep
Wed 17th<br/>where vodaphone cabs collide
Wed 17th
where vodaphone cabs collide
Thu 18th<br/>sunset over BP
Thu 18th
sunset over BP
Fri 19th<br/>storms over southend
Fri 19th
storms over southend
Sat 20th<br/>north bank
Sat 20th
north bank
Sun 21st<br/>gail
Sun 21st
Mon 22nd<br/>from the top deck
Mon 22nd
from the top deck
Tue 23rd<br/>between rust and paint
Tue 23rd
between rust and paint
Wed 24th<br/>where
Wed 24th
where's wally? (antmanbee)
Thu 25th<br/>chris and graham
Thu 25th
chris and graham
Fri 26th<br/>chalk pit
Fri 26th
chalk pit
Sat 27th<br/>skylight
Sat 27th
Sun 28th<br/>out with the old in with the new
Sun 28th
out with the old in with the new
Mon 29th<br/>victoria is one vast building site
Mon 29th
victoria is one vast building site
Tue 30th<br/>visual bombardment
Tue 30th
visual bombardment