April 2022


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Fri 1st<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 1st
life drawing friday
Sat 2nd<br/>fire exit
Sat 2nd
fire exit
Sun 3rd<br/>hello?
Sun 3rd
Mon 4th<br/>close up
Mon 4th
close up
Tue 5th<br/>new kitchen colours
Tue 5th
new kitchen colours
Wed 6th<br/>shadow of jasmine
Wed 6th
shadow of jasmine
Thu 7th<br/>cryptomeria japonica <i>spiralis</i>
Thu 7th
cryptomeria japonica spiralis
Fri 8th<br/>gatepost
Fri 8th
Sat 9th<br/>a glass of vinho verde
Sat 9th
a glass of vinho verde
Sun 10th<br/>taking the air
Sun 10th
taking the air
Mon 11th<br/>remember you are not alone
Mon 11th
remember you are not alone
Tue 12th<br/>retro look
Tue 12th
retro look
Wed 13th<br/>haze over hamsey
Wed 13th
haze over hamsey
Thu 14th<br/>fisher street
Thu 14th
fisher street
Fri 15th<br/>astrid
Fri 15th
Sat 16th<br/>brunch at fuego
Sat 16th
brunch at fuego
Sun 17th<br/>hen and cock
Sun 17th
hen and cock
Mon 18th<br/>hand painting
Mon 18th
hand painting
Tue 19th<br/>early selfie
Tue 19th
early selfie
Wed 20th<br/>the day begins
Wed 20th
the day begins
Thu 21st<br/>walking home
Thu 21st
walking home
Fri 22nd<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 22nd
life drawing friday
Sat 23rd<br/>went out out
Sat 23rd
went out out
Sun 24th<br/>buck house street lights
Sun 24th
buck house street lights
Mon 25th<br/>woman in white
Mon 25th
woman in white
Tue 26th<br/>empty office space
Tue 26th
empty office space
Wed 27th<br/>under eros
Wed 27th
under eros
Fri 29th<br/>life class
Fri 29th
life class
Sat 30th<br/>old style roundel
Sat 30th
old style roundel