February 2014


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Sat 1st<br/>still swollen ouse
Sat 1st
still swollen ouse
Sun 2nd<br/>wet tracks
Sun 2nd
wet tracks
Mon 3rd<br/>hard cash
Mon 3rd
hard cash
Tue 4th<br/>local brew, local hero
Tue 4th
local brew, local hero
Wed 5th<br/>victorian author
Wed 5th
victorian author's residence
Thu 6th<br/>building a woodstore
Thu 6th
building a woodstore
Fri 7th<br/>degraded bus stop
Fri 7th
degraded bus stop
Sat 8th<br/>waiting for the 197
Sat 8th
waiting for the 197
Sun 9th<br/>croydon crossovers
Sun 9th
croydon crossovers
Mon 10th<br/>angry skies
Mon 10th
angry skies
Tue 11th<br/>the ouse valley
Tue 11th
the ouse valley
Wed 12th<br/>darkest of dark days
Wed 12th
darkest of dark days
Thu 13th<br/>the victoria train
Thu 13th
the victoria train
Fri 14th<br/>new earthstone worktops
Fri 14th
new earthstone worktops
Sat 15th<br/>some weather yesterday
Sat 15th
some weather yesterday
Sun 16th<br/>to boldy go...
Sun 16th
to boldy go...
Mon 17th<br/>fitzroy roof
Mon 17th
fitzroy roof
Tue 18th<br/>blocked door
Tue 18th
blocked door
Wed 19th<br/>seascape
Wed 19th
Thu 20th<br/>and the law won
Thu 20th
and the law won
Fri 21st<br/>rays of sunshine
Fri 21st
rays of sunshine
Sat 22nd<br/>high street in kia bonnet
Sat 22nd
high street in kia bonnet
Sun 23rd<br/>animal cloud
Sun 23rd
animal cloud
Mon 24th<br/>xx
Mon 24th
Tue 25th<br/>bus stacking
Tue 25th
bus stacking
Wed 26th<br/>mount harry
Wed 26th
mount harry
Thu 27th<br/>the going is soft
Thu 27th
the going is soft
Fri 28th<br/>saint lukes
Fri 28th
saint lukes