August 2015


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Sat 1st<br/>spotted in genova harbour
Sat 1st
spotted in genova harbour
Sun 2nd<br/>where every building is a palazzo
Sun 2nd
where every building is a palazzo
Mon 3rd<br/>lucy at lunchtime
Mon 3rd
lucy at lunchtime
Tue 4th<br/>97 centimetres deep
Tue 4th
97 centimetres deep
Wed 5th<br/>some alps
Wed 5th
some alps
Thu 6th<br/>brick and door
Thu 6th
brick and door
Fri 7th<br/>end of the day
Fri 7th
end of the day
Sat 8th<br/>our lovely town
Sat 8th
our lovely town
Sun 9th<br/>curve paintings
Sun 9th
curve paintings
Mon 10th<br/>anarchy
Mon 10th
Tue 11th<br/>left at waitrose trolley park
Tue 11th
left at waitrose trolley park
Wed 12th<br/>sunburst pediment
Wed 12th
sunburst pediment
Thu 13th<br/>amber warning !
Thu 13th
amber warning !
Fri 14th<br/>zoombinis
Fri 14th
Sat 15th<br/>foundations
Sat 15th
Sun 16th<br/>where the bee sucks
Sun 16th
where the bee sucks
Mon 17th<br/>simple beauty...
Mon 17th
simple beauty...
Tue 18th<br/>starlings on our roof
Tue 18th
starlings on our roof
Wed 19th<br/>feet off the ground
Wed 19th
feet off the ground
Thu 20th<br/>waterloo place
Thu 20th
waterloo place
Fri 21st<br/>water colour sky
Fri 21st
water colour sky
Sat 22nd<br/>beautiful evening
Sat 22nd
beautiful evening
Sun 23rd<br/>east chiltington barn
Sun 23rd
east chiltington barn
Mon 24th<br/>nineteen sixty seven
Mon 24th
nineteen sixty seven
Tue 25th<br/>east chiltington church
Tue 25th
east chiltington church
Wed 26th<br/>norman window
Wed 26th
norman window
Thu 27th<br/>ludgate hill
Thu 27th
ludgate hill
Fri 28th<br/>surrounded by whisky
Fri 28th
surrounded by whisky
Sat 29th<br/>hatton garden
Sat 29th
hatton garden
Sun 30th<br/>rainbow
Sun 30th
Mon 31st<br/>crossover
Mon 31st