June 2011


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Wed 1st<br/>st mary
Wed 1st
st mary's beverley
Thu 2nd<br/>lucy and jonathan
Thu 2nd
lucy and jonathan
Fri 3rd<br/>end of a long day
Fri 3rd
end of a long day
Sat 4th<br/>through a glass hugh-ly
Sat 4th
through a glass hugh-ly
Sun 5th<br/>theo and roman
Sun 5th
theo and roman
Mon 6th<br/>red lindsay
Mon 6th
red lindsay
Tue 7th<br/>plywood panel
Tue 7th
plywood panel
Wed 8th<br/>cobweb clearance
Wed 8th
cobweb clearance
Thu 9th<br/>bridge night at the lewes arms
Thu 9th
bridge night at the lewes arms
Fri 10th<br/>poppies and stadium
Fri 10th
poppies and stadium
Sat 11th<br/>two views of new road
Sat 11th
two views of new road
Sun 12th<br/>mad jack
Sun 12th
mad jack's grave
Mon 13th<br/>036
Mon 13th
Tue 14th<br/>beatific... moi?
Tue 14th
beatific... moi?
Wed 15th<br/>chosen path
Wed 15th
chosen path
Thu 16th<br/>oak
Thu 16th
Fri 17th<br/>raking tide
Fri 17th
raking tide
Sat 18th<br/>blue garage
Sat 18th
blue garage
Sun 19th<br/>looking at houses
Sun 19th
looking at houses
Wed 22nd<br/>midweek
Wed 22nd
Thu 23rd<br/>battery park
Thu 23rd
battery park
Fri 24th<br/>belle tout
Fri 24th
belle tout
Sat 25th<br/>viper
Sat 25th
viper's bugloss
Sun 26th<br/>walking round devils dyke
Sun 26th
walking round devils dyke
Mon 27th<br/>lesson in perspective
Mon 27th
lesson in perspective
Tue 28th<br/>working in the past
Tue 28th
working in the past
Wed 29th<br/>at the saatchi
Wed 29th
at the saatchi
Thu 30th<br/>fiona maggie and pete
Thu 30th
fiona maggie and pete