April 2017


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Sat 1st<br/>at the abbey
Sat 1st
at the abbey
Sun 2nd<br/>final resting place
Sun 2nd
final resting place
Mon 3rd<br/>do all that thou hast to do
Mon 3rd
do all that thou hast to do
Tue 4th<br/>bankside skies
Tue 4th
bankside skies
Wed 5th<br/>unusual view
Wed 5th
unusual view
Thu 6th<br/>a walk a day
Thu 6th
a walk a day
Fri 7th<br/>friday life class
Fri 7th
friday life class
Sat 8th<br/>meal with the Felton-Hinitts
Sat 8th
meal with the Felton-Hinitts
Sun 9th<br/>southover high street
Sun 9th
southover high street
Mon 10th<br/>was a hoarding
Mon 10th
was a hoarding
Tue 11th<br/>was a w.c. (?)
Tue 11th
was a w.c. (?)
Thu 13th<br/>man on a mission
Thu 13th
man on a mission
Fri 14th<br/>bop it twist it flick it
Fri 14th
bop it twist it flick it
Sat 15th<br/>st. annes through the trees
Sat 15th
st. annes through the trees
Sun 16th<br/>sunday morning
Sun 16th
sunday morning
Mon 17th<br/>unflinched
Mon 17th
Tue 18th<br/>mirror cracked
Tue 18th
mirror cracked
Thu 20th<br/>up the offham road
Thu 20th
up the offham road
Sat 22nd<br/>tree and pylon
Sat 22nd
tree and pylon
Sun 23rd<br/>lewes old racecourse
Sun 23rd
lewes old racecourse
Mon 24th<br/>looked like rain but it didn
Mon 24th
looked like rain but it didn't
Tue 25th<br/>nine neon strips
Tue 25th
nine neon strips
Wed 26th
Thu 27th<br/>and still it didn
Thu 27th
and still it didn't…
Fri 28th<br/>friday life
Fri 28th
friday life
Sat 29th<br/>the arkwrights
Sat 29th
the arkwrights
Sun 30th<br/>field of huts
Sun 30th
field of huts