May 2024


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Wed 1st<br/>the
Wed 1st
the 'peace' wall (cupar way)
Wed 1st<br/>falls road
Wed 1st
falls road
Thu 2nd<br/>balloons and boots
Thu 2nd
balloons and boots
Thu 2nd<br/>both sides
Thu 2nd
both sides
Fri 3rd<br/>high voltage
Fri 3rd
high voltage
Sat 4th<br/>torn and tattered
Sat 4th
torn and tattered
Wed 8th<br/>new painting venture
Wed 8th
new painting venture
Thu 9th<br/>five thirty sunrise
Thu 9th
five thirty sunrise
Fri 10th<br/>trying to get a likeness
Fri 10th
trying to get a likeness
Sat 11th<br/>gashapon bandai
Sat 11th
gashapon bandai
Sun 12th<br/>not the northern lights
Sun 12th
not the northern lights
Mon 13th<br/>platform 8
Mon 13th
platform 8
Tue 14th<br/>trafalgar square
Tue 14th
trafalgar square
Wed 15th<br/>terrace foreshortening
Wed 15th
terrace foreshortening
Thu 16th<br/>As Sounds Turn to Noise
Thu 16th
As Sounds Turn to Noise
Fri 17th<br/>wishing we were there
Fri 17th
wishing we were there
Sat 18th<br/>three chimneys (2)
Sat 18th
three chimneys (2)
Mon 20th<br/>passing windsor great park
Mon 20th
passing windsor great park
Tue 21st<br/>windsor castle
Tue 21st
windsor castle
Wed 22nd<br/>span
Wed 22nd
Wed 22nd<br/>brunch at boulter
Wed 22nd
brunch at boulter's lock
Thu 23rd<br/>four men in two boats
Thu 23rd
four men in two boats
Fri 24th<br/>sand fairy
Fri 24th
sand fairy
Sat 25th<br/>kate and anthea
Sat 25th
kate and anthea
Mon 27th<br/>kite flying
Mon 27th
kite flying
Tue 28th<br/>neo-moderne
Tue 28th
Wed 29th<br/>private room
Wed 29th
private room
Thu 30th<br/>head in bush
Thu 30th
head in bush
Fri 31st<br/>three words
Fri 31st
three words