June 2024


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Sat 1st<br/>texture
Sat 1st
Sun 2nd<br/>texture (2)
Sun 2nd
texture (2)
Mon 3rd<br/>look more old why don
Mon 3rd
look more old why don't you
Tue 4th<br/>alc free gee and tee
Tue 4th
alc free gee and tee
Wed 5th<br/>dead end street
Wed 5th
dead end street
Thu 6th<br/>morning call
Thu 6th
morning call
Fri 7th<br/>木漏れ日
Fri 7th
Sat 8th<br/>lichfield cathedral
Sat 8th
lichfield cathedral
Sat 8th<br/>
Sat 8th
'dave day'
Sun 9th<br/>biddulph grange (1)
Sun 9th
biddulph grange (1)
Sun 9th<br/>biddulph grange (2)
Sun 9th
biddulph grange (2)
Mon 10th<br/>little moreton hall
Mon 10th
little moreton hall
Mon 10th<br/>the costly upper floor
Mon 10th
the costly upper floor
Tue 11th<br/>burslem
Tue 11th
Tue 11th<br/>in venetian style
Tue 11th
in venetian style
Wed 12th<br/>folly
Wed 12th
Thu 13th<br/>51 and 37 balance street
Thu 13th
51 and 37 balance street
Fri 14th<br/>you ain
Fri 14th
you ain't seen me
Sat 15th<br/>back view
Sat 15th
back view
Sun 16th<br/>a morning walk
Sun 16th
a morning walk
Mon 17th<br/>at pallant house
Mon 17th
at pallant house
Tue 18th<br/>dropwort
Tue 18th
Wed 19th<br/>oooh hello !
Wed 19th
oooh hello !
Thu 20th<br/>more dereliction
Thu 20th
more dereliction
Fri 21st<br/>that
Fri 21st
that's life
Sat 22nd<br/>the dew pond
Sat 22nd
the dew pond
Mon 24th<br/>old racecourse railings
Mon 24th
old racecourse railings
Tue 25th<br/>living in a greenhouse
Tue 25th
living in a greenhouse
Wed 26th<br/>soon to be obscured
Wed 26th
soon to be obscured
Thu 27th<br/>master of drapery
Thu 27th
master of drapery
Fri 28th<br/>walkway
Fri 28th
Sat 29th<br/>red red wine
Sat 29th
red red wine
Sun 30th<br/>our tree filled town
Sun 30th
our tree filled town