1st Jul    spikes
Historically protecting Baxter's Field from riff-raff.

2nd Jul    artisan triumvirate
At the Lewes Societies Fair, our third attempt to take a self-timed shot, the other two someone walked past just as... FLASH CLICK!

3rd Jul    mixed message

4th Jul    flax
Flax, Linseed, or Linum usitatissimum to give its proper name.

5th Jul    wren
Went to Tate Modern and concert in St.Pauls, Bruckner 7
Weather dull, most photos too grey or blurred.
I took loads of this reflection, but really needs to be this shape not square...

6th Jul    rust

7th Jul    chattri
More dead to be remembered, these are WW1 Indian soldiers cremated here high on the downs above Brighton.

8th Jul    what a difference a day makes

9th Jul    street party
As always it is fantastically difficult to take a good general shot of this event, one that will work on a small scale.
I like the three faces though in this detail.
Also the bit of ear, which I am reliably informed is Adrians.

10th Jul    seaford
You have to be a bit careful with a camera on a beach. Can't risk someone thinking you are snapping naked toddlers, topless women etc.
I envied these 3 lads, always wanted a dinghy.

11th Jul    red, white %26 blue

12th Jul    headset

13th Jul    verdi requiem
At St.Pauls again

14th Jul    brutalism

15th Jul    tooley st.
Buildings... great, aren't they?

16th Jul    cocktails

17th Jul    cocktails (2)
Anthony said we looked miserable yesterday.
(We weren't though) You can tell we haven't been anywhere this weekend!

18th Jul    moth

19th Jul    lewes arms
If this pub was non-smoking it could be almost perfect.

20th Jul    maillot jaune
Looks like no.7 for Lance...

21st Jul    artisans social
How do you take pictures of a group in a confined space? With a wide angle lens? From a roof looking down? Stick the camera in their face?
None of the above.

22nd Jul    vertigo
How do they get the ropes up there first? What are they doing, re-pointing? Makes my stomach 'fall away' just looking at this.

23rd Jul    firle beacon
Tone sees something on the concrete and thinks about his blog.

24th Jul    ride
The (wet) pier was full of day tripping Asians.

25th Jul    rose

26th Jul    rain

27th Jul    rathaus
... as it would be in Germany

28th Jul    reflection
OK. this was Friday
P. and I go to see the work of old mono-brow herself. (see tomorrow's flag)

29th Jul    thames
Boat trip from Tate to Tate...

30th Jul    ruin

31st Jul    115