1st May    northern

2nd May    blackcap

3rd May    invisible man
...and presumably naked save for his trainers

4th May    and did those feet...
... in ancient time

Walk upon England's yellow and pleasant land?

5th May    election night
A momentary pause for a photo, relief from shouting at the TV and drinking.
Big thanks to A and B for everything.
A good night/morning...

6th May    triangles

7th May    evening

8th May    starmap

9th May    blackcap
This time from the plain below, and also again the yellow fields of bloody oilseed rape, (From the latin 'rapum', meaning turnip)
Proper name: Canola. Brassica napus De Candolle variety oleifera.

10th May    two cows

11th May    field

12th May    long barn

13th May    tudor tool-shed
Can't be many bowling greens that used to be a tilting ground and have an such a lovely shed or pavillion.

14th May    whitechapel
Went to see the Robert Crumb exhibition and Lee Miller at the NPG

15th May    fifteen
P. returns from the school history trip to Flanders on her birthday.

16th May    coot feet

17th May    balls

18th May    su doku
The craze, that according to 'The Independent' is gripping the nation. They are promoting it so much it is unreal.

19th May    fossil fuel
Evidence of eight sooty chimneys but how and when did the lettering get there behind it? Answers on a postcard, buggered if I know.

20th May    shed

21st May    motorola v3
I've got a new phone.
Every phone has a camera on it these days. This one allows the easy taking of self portraits when the lid is closed.
I like my 'kiss curl'!

22nd May    eastbourne
Despite dire weather predictions, Andrew and I cycle over the downs to Eastbourne.

23rd May    rgb

24th May    cube

25th May    old toll house
I don't read Terry Pratchett, but I know a bit about the Discworld and I have seen 'The Prisoner'
I think this building is a bit like Portmeirion meets Ankh Morpork.

26th May    world wide web
This is how the internet gets to our part of the world... through metal pipes.
Possibly doctored blog. (Ed.)

27th May    castle hill
Notice the 'blood' of the melted alloy wheels.

28th May    bank holiday

29th May    below firle beacon

30th May    we are family
The ink and wash drawing of my dad, 'as a cowboy' was by Jeff Hale, an art school chum.
My mum has just had it framed.

31st May    bird house
It would have been Max's birthday on Sunday.