1st Mar    karen's lawn

2nd Mar    message

3rd Mar    green
Our back door behind a plastic fizzy water bottle in case you were wondering...

4th Mar    black
wet mathematical tiles, a lovely house, but a crap location and no front or back garden (to speak of) though

5th Mar    halloween jelly mallow

6th Mar    kingston ridge

7th Mar    red, black %26 green
Delicious pesto, olives and tomato 'gack'.
Mediterranean food for a cold, dull Britsh evening.

8th Mar    paint job?

9th Mar    paint job

10th Mar    rotten row

11th Mar    rap_ _ el
The staircase of the National Gallery, Sainsbury wing...
Went to see the Caravaggio and bought a digital A2 print of Piero's 'Baptism'

12th Mar    east croydon
just a patch of blue sky in the puddle...

13th Mar    eastbourne
What are the owners of this craft on?
S and M ? or is she called Joy and he called...
or does sailing give them joy but they suffer with back problems?
Who knows or cares...

14th Mar    elaborate knocker

15th Mar    bedford van
interesting use of 'duck' tape

16th Mar    god at work this easter

17th Mar    A4 posters
Where would local groups be without MS Publisher?

18th Mar    cyril the aerial
At last didgie box technology in our home.
CSI, Tour de France, BBC3, etc.
Oh yes... and digital radio...

19th Mar    hydrants

20th Mar    pinus sylvestris
This bifurcate pine has an angel hidden in it...

21st Mar    itchy %26 scratchy

22nd Mar    lens
comedy 'Ossie Osborne' glasses that used to belong to Briony.
For some reason they have been on the bathroom window sill for at least 2 years...

23rd Mar    lunch

24th Mar    smart

25th Mar    good friday night

26th Mar    once a tree

27th Mar    birling gap

28th Mar    regency
this dramatic view from Mick's new penthouse flat...

29th Mar    city worthy

30th Mar    train

31st Mar    mantlepiece