1st Oct    sister bendy

2nd Oct    harvest
'tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

3rd Oct    jacket
a wondeful new jacket bought yesterday from Susanne Wolf

4th Oct    fleur d'lys
The most pleasing detail of the hideous St.Pancras church could be this railing.

5th Oct    elegant
Attached to Harveys shop, is this elaborate street light.

6th Oct    signage

7th Oct    boss

8th Oct    hot?
Barbs gave us a tiny chilli plant and this is our tiny chilli, now ripe.
How perky will it be?

9th Oct    mini-moore
Inspired by the Lewes Henry Moore exhibition, Cy has used these found stones to great advantage.

10th Oct    footbridge

11th Oct    castle banks

12th Oct    dark damp day

13th Oct    autumn
Who needs Sheffield bloody Park?

14th Oct    violin parts

15th Oct    green wing

16th Oct    path

17th Oct    pat's mantlepiece

18th Oct    lucy's brooches

19th Oct    shed-man

20th Oct    glyndebourne again
This time 'Pelleas et Melisande', with Cy. We met Lu, Kit and friends in the bar.

21st Oct    weird cloud

22nd Oct    launderette

23rd Oct    pier

24th Oct    folly

25th Oct    fifty years ago

26th Oct    castle
John Peel dies in Peru.
A great shame.

27th Oct    blue pool

28th Oct    pavillion

29th Oct    insomnia

30th Oct    hat
Phoebe's latest accessory

31st Oct    tread
After coming off twice on wet chalk/grass, it is time to replace 'bald' tyres.