Thursday November 25th (2021) fourth plinth

Thursday November 25th (2021) fourth plinth
Artwork by artist Heather Phillipson. This vast physical and digital sculpture tops the Fourth Plinth with a giant swirl of whipped cream, a cherry, a fly and a drone that transmits a live feed of Trafalgar Square. Entitled THE END it suggests both exuberance and unease, responding to Trafalgar Square as a site of celebration and protest, that is shared with other forms of life. (Source: Mayor of London Website)

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Aperture: f/4.5
Exposure: 1/1000
Focal length: 115/10
Speed(ISO): 125
Flash: None/Compulsory
Meter: Pattern
Light Source: Fine Weather

Processed at: 09:58 on 27.Nov.21

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